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Mainline Pro Hub dyno's are with out a doubt the best dyno's in the industry. I have owned several brands of dyno's over the years, and nothing compares to our Mainline. With your course purchase, if you have a mainline dyno or purchase one, mainline is offering to set you up with the ability to send your Holley ECU data to the Dyno with their ECU CAN package. you will see this in use during the course. (This in its self costs more than you paid for the course!) (currently only available for hp/dominator ecu's. Terminator X and Sniper ECU connectivity is in the works and should be available soon!

Devin Vanderhoof at HCR has been an amazing asset for technical support for Holley EFI and I truly believe he has played a roll in the popularity and growth of Holley's line of EFI products. At this point, I think everybody is familiar with his YouTube channel, and if not you should really go and check it out. Devin and myself have been planning some in-person training options, along with working together on video content for this course, which is huge! HCR is primarily known for their Holley EFI custom wiring will be offering those who purchase the course 10% off having your vehicle wired by HCR along with 10% off of select HCR products. They have some new HCR products in the works that I think a lot of you are going to want! Keep an eye out for that!

If you have ever heard of a LS engine, its impossible to not be familiar with Matt Happel at Sloppy Mechanics! Matt basically pioneered the path that 99% of LS owners take and really showed what the LS engine was capable of back when the world thought turbo's would just destroy everything. Matt had a roll in the R&D phase of the terminator X systems before they were released to the public. Matt now has a whole line of Plug & Play harnesses and such for Holley systems like flex fuel kits, multi position switches etc. Sloppy Mechanics will be offering those who purchase the course a 10% discount on their PNP wiring products!

Tuner Nerds Knock Monitor Pro is an amazing and very affordable way to get into knock detection. So many rely on knock sensors to tune ignition timing, but they have no way of knowing if the sensors are calibrated property. with the Knock Monitor Pro, you get both a visual representation and an audible representation to be able to both see and hear if there is any knock present. Being able to log and play back both the audio and graphical information will really help you understand what is happening inside the cylinder. Tuner Nerd is offering those who purchase the course a 10% discount on their Knock Monitor Pro kits! (we will have videos in the course on how to set up, use, and interpret the data from the knock monitor)

If your looking to fabricate anything out of Stainless for your car, Stainless Bro's is where you should be purchasing from. We have been using them exclusively since they day they were introduced. From Vband flanges, Tubing, Mufflers, Flanges, Etc. Stainless Bros has just about anything you could want, and they are constantly coming out with new products as well. Stainless Bro's will be offering a 15% discount to those who purchase the course!

Tempest Racing is my primary business I have owned and operated for the last 15+ years. Over the years, Tempest has always performed tuning (we have had a dyno from day 1) but has switched from doing full builds, to focusing more on fabrication, to now exclusively doing tuning work. With the purchase of the course Tempest will be offering a 10% discount off of dyno rentals so you can put your newly learned skills to use. We also offer help/suggestions/advice etc. during our dyno rentals so we help in any way that we can. If you are having Tempest tune your vehicle, or have not purchased the course before your dyno rental, we can also offer 10% off of the course at the time of your tuning/rental appointment.

Outside of professional motorosports you basically never saw titanium on vehicles until Ticon Industries came along! I was one of ticon's first customers, and we have since formed a life long friendship. Its hard to believe that almost any flange, tube, vband, muffler, etc that you used to have to spend thousands of dollars and wait extended periods of time to have custom made are all available now just with a few clicks of the mouse! Titanium is a great way to save weight on your racecar or just offer a unique look and sound. With the purchase of your course, Ticon Industries will be offering a 15% discount on their products.

Sequence Manufacturing is another one of my creations. Best known for our elbow cutting fixtures - along with our collector turbo flanges, tear drop exhaust tips, wastegate merge adapters, etc. All of the items offered by Sequence were the result of things that used to either take too long, cause frustration, or I just wasn't happy with current offerings. Designed to save time, reduce waste, and make life easier! With the purchase of the course Sequence Manufacturing is offering a 10% discount on their products.

VS Racing turbochargers, wastegates, and blow off valves seem to have made their way on to 90% of the turbo builds in the world! VS Racing has affordable options from entry level, cast wheel turbochargers up to billet wheel, ball bearing, class legal turbo's and everything in between. With the purchase of the course VS Racing is offering a 10% discount on their products.

Injector Maintenance and Service is who we exclusively use and reccomend for our fuel injector service needs (even though i have a cheap machine!). Unlike most companies offering injector service now a days using sub $200 machines with fuel pumps that cant keep up with large injectors, Injector Maintenance and service has (2) ASNU Classic GDI machine'sable to handle anything we have ever throw at them. With the purchase of the course Injector Maintenance and Service is offering 15% off injector services.

Plus Several More (I have not had time to update the website yet)

Would you like to be a course sponsor? Tune the Trilogy course sponsors simply offer a discount on their products to those who purchase the course. It does not cost the sponsors anything, and Tune the Trilogy gets nothing in return from the sponsors. (Some sponsors have agreed to help create course content in their area of expertise as an added bonus) All savings are passed on to those who purchase the course 100%. Please contact us if you are interested!